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    After reading about all the success getting good appearance out of the muscles with site administration, I was thinking about pinning the abs IM after working them out to get a nice look on them. Other than aspirating, is there any other precautions to take pinning here? Should I not bother and just go subQ in the abdominal area? Just looking for feedback.

  2. i pin my abs , bi's ,quads i rotate: but i do like abs the top two rows,i think it helps with definition along with diet.

  3. Sub-q injects will be less site-specific than IM.

    In my experience with IGF, there is a little site-specific muscle growth but fat loss is pretty evenly distributed regardless. So my thinking is that you may see a tiny difference in the ab muscle development, but fat loss will be the same no matter where you inject.

  4. OK.

    Thx. Can't wait to try it.

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