Tadafil and Anastrazole prep?

  1. Tadafil and Anastrazole prep?

    Recently purchased tadafil and Anastrazole from a research pep co ( one of the extreme ones) for lab testing. It was deliverd with dropper lids instead of the expected powdered form. I am assuming that the testing would be delivered orally in this case??? If not what mixing procedures are recomended?

  2. It's oral. my lab rat seems to like the sweet taste.

  3. You expected a powdered form from a research chem company? I have never heard of this.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  4. yeah, don't know why i expected it in powdered form, guess because i had never ordered it before. Anyway results have been positive at 40mg. A little higher then the @ialis @ 20mg but that seems to be the majic #

  5. Good stuff man. Powder makes it human form I believe which these are for research purposes only making them grey market legal; powder would be illegal if I recall correctly.

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