1. Exclamation Infection?

    Last thursday I injected 40mcg of R3IGF1 into my left tricep w/ a 1/2" 27G insulin needle, today (sunday) I noticed that its a little puffy, red and pretty hot (like when you get a mosquito bite). All of my other injection sites are fine, even one I did today... something aint right

    Should I go see a doctor or can I get some over the counter antibiotics to help combat this? It's not swollen up huge or anything, just a little puffy.

    BTW I'm on day 8 of the IGF and I like it so far, I'm eating like a horse and have some crazy pumps in the gym. I like it so far.

    Back to the subject, what can I do to treat this?

  2. If it's still tender today when you apply pressure and an antihistamine/motrin combo doesn't help with the redness, then go to a doc. You don't have any old AB's on hand? Except tetracycline, never use old tet. Other than that, I'd suggest a ceph. if your not allergic to pen. It works fast and is usually good for these kind of infections. But quickly getting to the doc is always best. It's often just a type I immune response if no swelling is present w/ the redness/hottness/hardness.

  3. Do you shave your arms? I know occasionally I will get improper hair growth that cause minor swelling and redness.

    However, I think Dr.D's advice is exactly what you should do if you are concerned.

  4. What is the problem with old tetracycline ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cr4ytonic
    What is the problem with old tetracycline ?
    It forms a toxic degradation product that can jack up your kidneys pretty bad. Acidocis, Lupus erythematosus, proteinuria and other complications. Doxycycline will not form this and is a better, less toxic derivative. Never take a chance w/ outdated tet. especially if it hasn't been well stored.

  6. Did not know that, thank you so much for the information!


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