The Worst, Least Informative Log of Ostarine You've Ever Seen!!!

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    Sorry guys, kind of dropped the ball on this log. I got slammed with exams and problem sets that kept me from updating this.

    Anyways, I did run this for 6 weeks. I started Athletix Adamantium 2 weeks before the cycle ended, and Erase a week before it ended.

    Final thoughts: compound seemed very safe to run, to me. I did not experience many sides with this, except at first I did feel a lot of androgenic effects. I dont know, though, if these were placebo or not (even if some were physiological effects). As far as I see, no shutdown. I haven't gotten bloods yet, but I intend to soon after I deal with a different medical complication that has since come up.

    Would I recommend others run this over a classic hormone cycle? No. The ostarine I purchased was pretty pricy, but I did this to ensure it was legit. I did run it high, so maybe if I had run it lower it would have lasted me longer and I would have gotten the same effects from it (say at 12.5mg vs. 25mg). Anyways, if this was almost $170 all said and done, versus real gear which is probably gonna run you in the ballpark of +50 of what I just mentioned, and with the effects you get from running a cycle of hormones vs the effects from this, I'd opt for running the real stuff. Now, if you can afford this and would like to run it during your PCT, I think you'd be more than happy with it. It is definitely anabolic!

    That about wraps this up. If I get a blood panel done (which would only show that no significant shutdown occurred since I stopped taking this about 2-3 weeks ago, but would not show if minor shutdown occurs), I would post that in a different thread.
    Can you comment on your gains plese? E.g. lbs increase, fat loss etc...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    Can you comment on your gains plese? E.g. lbs increase, fat loss etc...
    I can't give you any honest figures. It definitely had a recomping effect, noticed by the increased musculature in my chest and delts. I leaned out my lower abdomen for the first time in my life (I don't know if this was VAT or subcutaneous that was eaten away).

    If you want a guess, I'd say I had a maybe 2-3lb recomp (as in +3 muscle, -3 fat). Seems kind of insignificant for 6 weeks.

    As I have some left over I might end up doing another run later on with 12.5mg/day for 6 weeks. If I do, I think I'll redo the diet and up the protein a whole lot more, change the protein source from shakes to meat (this will be doable now that I'm out of school and will be getting a foreman grill), while taking everything else, including total calories, down.



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