Effect of a Dietary Supplement on Plasma hGH Following Exercise Challenge

  1. Effect of a Dietary Supplement on Plasma hGH Following Exercise Challenge

    Thought this was interesting

    Journal of Young Investigators
    Undergraduate, Peer-Reviewed Science Journal Volume Seven
    Issue 1, March 2003

    Biological & Biomedical Sciences
    Effect of a Dietary Supplement on Plasma hGH Following Exercise Challenge

    Amy Hellman and Kelli Brummer
    University of Nebraska at Kearney

    Advisor: Janet E. Steele, Ph.D.
    University of Nebraska at Kearney


    Human growth hormone (hGH or somatotropin) has numerous anabolic effects on many tissues. It is currently of interest as a potential weight-loss supplement because it acts to decrease adiposity by increasing lipolysis and decreasing glucose uptake in adipose tissue. In addition, hGH also acts to increase lean body mass by decreasing glucose uptake and increasing amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in skeletal muscle tissue, potentially improving athletic performance. The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a dietary supplement whose manufacturer claims it increases the body's natural production of hGH. Twenty-four young adult subjects participated in the double-blind study. Half of the subjects took the nutritional supplement Growlean 15 for one month, while the remaining subjects received a placebo (gelatin). Body composition was evaluated by skinfold analysis. Blood samples for determination of plasma hGH by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay were taken before and immediately following a 20-minute exercise session performed at 60% maximal effort. There were no significant differences in body composition between groups or changes in body composition within groups. Plasma hGH levels were significantly elevated in both groups following exercise challenge, but there were no significant differences in plasma hGH between groups either before or after exercise challenge. These results suggest that, following one month's use, this particular dietary supplement does not influence body composition or increase plasma hGH in response to exercise challenge.

  2. It is already pretty well established that most of these supplements are junk.

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