melanotan tan without uv exposure?

  1. melanotan tan without uv exposure?

    can you get a tan using MTII without much UV exposure? what are the benefits of tanning along side the MTII and what is the minimium uv exposure eg a sunbed tan every week or every otherweek?

  2. I'm just about as light skinned as you get, without being a ginger or albino. I used 500mcg every night for 40 days, tanning bed for 8 min once a week, and I saw within the first 2 weeks a noticable darkening of my skin. I know that it's not quite summer yet and the gen pop hasn't had time to get the dark beautiful tans yet, so as of right now I'm pretty evenly matched compared to people I would normally look albino standing next to.

    As you've probably already found in your research of this product, it does make freckles appear that you otherwise wouldn't have known to exist.

    Not sure if that helps or not, but that's my success story...

  3. It does not require much UV exposure to see tanning results from Melanotan 2. Melanotan success stores have one thing in common, a strategic phototherapy plan.

  4. Im wodnering why people aren't doing MT2 instead of those cancer giving beds ?

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