IGF burn on injection?

  1. IGF burn on injection?

    I haven't used my IFG-1 L3 yet, but I was wondering if it burns on injection due to the benzyl alcohol.

    I was planning to use 40mcg diluted with about 4/10ml of BS water. Would this be enough (10% BA) to prevent pain on IM injection?



  2. I'll be getting my IGF-1 in the next day or so. So I don't know about the BA and pain. I was planning on using B -12.
    Bump for more info

  3. No I did not find it uncomfortable at all.

  4. you have to remember you are injecting TINY amounts of this stuff.

    tiny. so even though it is just BA and IGF, it is still very little ba

  5. Your injection should be about 10% IGF-1 & 90% Bacteriostatic water, which dillutes it pretty good. I've never felt a burn.

  6. I get burns and a slight sting for 2 or 3 days afterwards using a 20/80 ratio but I've been doing mostly bicep/tricep injects and have added at least 1/4 inch onto my arms in 7 days and am at my heighest weight ever at 251 (also using test & tren) so I'm not complaining


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