R3IGF-1 diet recommendations

  1. R3IGF-1 diet recommendations

    What type of diet is recommened to optimize results and /or minimize sides? I will be running with Var 50mged (may also add 200mg/week Primo)

  2. In 1 of these threads- Bobo recommended a 40/40/20 split, with maybe even less fat. I used roughly 45/45/10 with good results. The key is to take in a ton of protein, I was at 450g/day on my last run.

  3. Yea that worked well for me, I ate equal amounts of protein and carbs, all fats were incidental except for my fish oil. It came out to 42-42-16.

  4. does any one have any information to back up the high protein intake with igf?

  5. as in research studies, Dick? I don't think that there would be many if any due to IGF-1LR3 being so new to things



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