inject protocol questions

  1. inject protocol questions

    From what I gather here most , if not all, of you are using this stuff IM these days. Is anyone using sucessfully sub-Q? If using IM i see some of you recommend using bilaterally for balance. How are you doing this? I read that when fulling the pin with the BW after drawing the R3IGF-1 that you can see the separation in the pin. I would assume it would not then be effective to simply to one draw and two pokes of half with the same pin? Are those of you who are injecting bilaterially using two pins? Pretty newbie questions I am sure but would love some feedback. Getting ready to start soon. 42 years old and looking forward to this a lot. btw I am hoping some of you respond favorably with subq lol it would be my preference just dont want ot waste money if not effective.

  2. I went bilaterally IM with 2 pins. Going from the site specific effects I had I would not try sub-q.

  3. sub-q has left whelps on a number of people so IM might be better

  4. I use the same pin for both injections on a single draw. I just shoot half in 1 side, swab the pin with alcohol & do the other side.

    The IGF & BW do separate, but it flows really slowly. If you keep the pin parallell to the ground, it stays pretty evenly distributed. I'm sure it's not exactly 50% going in each side, but I figure it's close enough. It all gets into the muscle one way or the other.

    There are some guys on the AR board that use sub-q & claim similar results. I've only used IM, from everything I've read it makes the most sense.

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