What causes severe headache following administration of GHRP-6 ?

  1. What causes severe headache following administration of GHRP-6 ?

    started taking GHRp-6 250mcg x2 together with CJC1295 400MCG every 4 days.

    I do NOT have the hunger associated with it, what I DO have is a severe headache within 2 mins after my SQ injection. Why is this ? And is this normal, dangerous ? will it go away with time? The other day I took my injection and started driving...the headache was so bad that my eyes were closing and I almost had to pull over. I am concerned about the headaches and wonder if they are due to hypertension. If so, I would be very worried about stroking out. Anyhow, any information into this and whether or not headaches are normal would be appreciated. Thank you

  2. If you think you can or you can't, you're right!

    I think therefore I can!

  3. best not to **** about with **** you dont understand ask your gp w3hat he thinks dude

  4. It may be that your body doesn't agree with this particular peptide. Or like gh users experience headaches and lethargy while the body adjust to it try using 50mcg and see if you still get a headache if not stay at that dose for a week or two then slowly move up to the desired dose Some people do not get hunger side until higher dose of around 200mcg.

    I would suggest you switch to ipamorelin. Most people don't experience any sides with it and it works just as well. Ipamorelin doesn't cause elevated prolactin and cortisol.

  5. after further research and personal experience I have come to the conclusion that it's the CJC1295 that is causing the headaches. I take CJC1295 every other day (4 times a week), and it's only that day that I experience the awful headaches. Today I didn't take the CJC and no headaches...just took my GHRP6.

  6. Filo are you taking 1295 DAC or mod grf. If DAC def drop it. But if you have figured it out I would just replace it. All compounds effect everyone different

  7. the website I ordered from said nothing about MOD, just CJC1295. Going to give one more shot and if it happens again, I am dropping the CJC.


  8. Ok so I just read another thread of a person having the same problem with the same stack and only on cjc days. Try a lower dose

  9. it is the CJC I got the same scary headaches after taking CJC never touched it again. I checked BP and that was not it.

  10. Also, you shpuld look into getting 1295 without dac which is what I am assuming you have since you are running it every couple of days.
    Dat has a full writeup on why dac is not a good choice


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