LR3 Bilaterally, upper and lower - same day?

  1. LR3 Bilaterally, upper and lower - same day?

    Hey guys, simple question, looking to know if I'm an idiot or my thoughts are not too bad.

    Lets say your routine is basic compound lifts, 3 days a week. So maybe Squat, Mil Press, Flat bench on Monday. Wed you Dead, BOR, and Push Press. Etc.

    Since IGF-1 LR3 is supposed to be pinned IM, and it acts as a localized agent, could you theoretically pin quads and shoulders the same day?

    I pin a lower dosage, usually 20mcg each side. I'd be looking at doing 20mcg in 4 different spots, EOD / E3D.

    Am I a tard?

    Thanks for looking

  2. Looks like a good plan but I wouldn't go over 40 mcg total. So if your doing 4 shots they would be 10 mcg each. I would not do 20 mcg in four different body parts.

    There is a lot of conflicting information on this but from my understanding there is some localized effect but also the chemical does make it's way through the blood stream.

    Again this is how I understand it.

  3. IMO with lr3, it doesn't matter how you pin. I don't think you will see much localized effect. I still pin IM and Sub Q in muscle to be trained. I think igf DES is better suited for localized use

    With lr3 I think it's most important that it's just being used.

    You idea is good in theory and I would give it a try. With igf no one really knows best so experimentation is best. Good luck.

  4. I believe I have seen some localized effect in my use. I would try and see if you like the results. My biggest issue with the Igf is sleeplessness.

  5. I've used IGF-1 LR3 before, and I definitely experienced localized results. Going IM with a small enough dosage to try and maximize the receptors hit without much overflow. Granted I have no idea how much is the right amount, but I did have localized growth before.

    Thanks for the replies guys



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