Alternative's to .06% AA with LR3 IGF-1

  1. Alternative's to .06% AA with LR3 IGF-1

    Im currently in afghanistan and i didnt read the side note saying: administration of .06% Acetic Acid is highly recommended with the use of LR3 IGF-1. Ya, im not to smart, hence why im in Afghanistan. Now my question is what are some alternatives mixxes i can use with LR3 IGF-1? i have 2 vials both consisting of 1MG or 1000mcg's. If someone brighter then me could help out that would be great.
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  2. You can recon with BW, it just won't hold as long.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by banana joose View Post
    You can recon with BW, it just won't hold as long.
    No you cant. Not 1mg vials. Will only last 3 days.
    You need aa. Can ku ask a buddy stateside to send you some?

  4. Or you can make it very easily but you need to order a whatman filter. Just get some white distiller vinegar and distilled water. There are plenty of threads on making it. I just can't remember the ratio right now. I think it's 7.5 ml water and 1.5 ml vinegar and filter it. Someone correct me if the vinegar ratio is off.

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