Gains on IGF Alone?

  1. Gains on IGF Alone?

    Can anyone vouch for the effectiveness of IGF alone (no, anabolics, ph's during cycle)? I used Lab Corp's IGF a while back and was dissapointed. I'd like to get more feedback before I jump in again. Thanks.

  2. you won't get a huge amount of gains from using IGF or GH not the nature of how they work..what were you expecting gain wise?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    you won't get a huge amount of gains from using IGF or GH not the nature of how they work..what were you expecting gain wise?
    Well I don't know what to expect after my first experience. I take it it's best to conclude that IGF is best used in conjuction with aas. I'd just like too feel that the compound obviously works and not have to guess whether it's working.

  4. I ran a bottle of MR IGF alone about 2 months ago. To your point I did not get any noticeable strenght gains.. However, it did heal up tendonitis in my elbows and shoulders. They feel better than new. I can lift heavy again.. !!!

  5. I used 40mcg post w/o and gained a half inch on my arms. Protein intake is a must when using LR3


  6. was that 40 mcgs in one arm, or 20 in both? or did you inject some where else?

  7. I ran IGF alone for 5 weeks- using 20mcg for 2 weeks, then 30mcg the rest. I saw no strength gain at all, which was expected. I did get some nice body comp changes though. Lost 2-3% BF, muscles looked fuller, etc. I gained a little bit of muscle, despite losing 3-4lbs lbs of overall weight. The effects of IGF are better judged by the mirror than the scale. Most of the gains/progress came after increasing to 30mcg. I think effects will be better with 40mcg throughout next time.

    Shot it PWO, bilaterally into the muscle worked. 450g Protein/day, cals around maintenance.

  8. it's not really about the weight guys I mean it's what you look like you weigh, Arnold was 6'2 235, and i know plenty of guys with those same stats you can't even tell work out. It's your body composition that will change. five pounds on igf look way better than 25 lbs on anadrol, believe me, it's the actual muscle tissue you want to obtain. Say you're on a cycle of dbol and deca you gain 20 lbs, most of it you'll lose, and even what you keep might be 5-10% new muscle tissue. But your five pounds on igf-1 will be 100% new muscle tissue, help any?


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