IGF before or after nolva/clomid

  1. IGF before or after nolva/clomid

    When you say to use IGF post cycle to recover better, should you use it after HCG/nolva/clomid PCT or should you start it while you start your PCT theropy?

  2. we never said that. Ifg does nothing for testosterone recovery. It is used along w/ PCT to help maintain gains and help keep some post cycle fat off.

    Read man, dont skim posts.

  3. Yes, it's definitely not for "recovery" purposes, although there has been some speculation on that matter. It's primary function is to retain gains and help keep fat of PCT when used for that purpose.

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  4. OK, I just remember reading somewhere it said it instantly restores HPTA function, but I never believed that anyway. I always belive in proper PCT use of HCG,nolva and clomid. Anyway, im guessing I should start the Igf the day after my HCG which is the same day I start nolva/clomid.

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