Is IGF in low doses better?

  1. Is IGF in low doses better?

    I just got off the phone with a close friend who has been running IGF-1 on and off for the past year. He told me that was running it at around 10-11mcgs per day injected subQ because he read up on it and Dave Palumbo recommend doing it that way. He elaborated on it by saying that anything higher and the receptors get used to it too quickly. After all was said and done, he still isn't sure if the IGF-1 helped him with gains at all in light of the Test and Tren he was taking on and off after the IGF-1. Is there truth to this way of thinking?
    Can one expect to see gains during a cycle of IGF-1(granted training and diet are adequate), or do the gains only come after the cycle due to the maturation of the new cells created by the IGF-1 and expanded on with AAS usage post cycle?

  2. I don't think anyone knows for sure. I know tren increases natural igf production. I usually use 20 to 40mcg and take 2 to 4 week breaks. Here's what I've noticed, I seem to hold weight better during pct, I stay lean while consuming a ton of carbs and calories. Good vascularity and muscles seem full. During my last cycle, i added igf after hitting a plateau, and I started to gain weight quickly for about two weeks( on last 12 week cycle hit plateau around week 8 or 9 then added igf and gained another 7 or 8 lbs in two weeks then held all but 3lbs in pct). Can i say exactly what was igf and what was from the cycle? No I can't. But to me it seems to help with recomp, and so far I seem to be able to hold more weight easier. I'm not 100% sold on it causing hyperplasia. I know it seems to work well pre workout to shuttle nutrients, which is an expensive way to accomplish that. IMO igf DES and mgf will be a better combination and possibly good for sight growth. But again these are just my opinions. I have used lr3 during the entire previous year and have noticed a lot of changes but I have also used other compounds. I'm going to continue with lr3 and DES. There are a lot of people using igf so in time we may find a proven protocol and dose for the most effective results but it's still a lot of trial and error at this point and I think it will vary from person to person.

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