Igf DES 1,3

  1. Igf DES 1,3

    So I haven't seen any threads about the use of igf DES here. I have used lr3 for over a year and I'm pretty happy with it. I then decided to use igf DES. Well I'm only on my second week of use and I can say that DES is a lot stronger than lr3. DES is a version that is created naturally in the body. I believe this will be more effective than lr3 because it has not been altered. I've been using 20mcg twice a day. I recently tried 100mcg a day. The effects from lr3 version are intensified. I'm going to be using it 3 or 4 times daily starting today. In my second week I'm getting more vascular and muscles feel full and tight. I use this first thing in the morning and pre work out with creatine, bcaa's, protien, carbs and glutamine. I don't have any measurements and have not weighed myself. If anyone else has any experience with this, please post your thoughts or results from it. I'm excited to see how the next few weeks will turn out and I can't even see using lr3 after this.

  2. nice to hear you getting great results.

  3. WW. Thanks. I've been reading similar results on some other boards. I would really suggest that anyone who likes igf try the DES. The last couple days I have not been able to get into the gym, : ( but I'm still getting a fullness in muscles that were injected. I was fairly happy my last year with lr3 but the effects of this are more intense. I'm trying to figure out if there is a good way to use both at the same time. I prefer using 20 to 40mcg lr3 daily, which is good with des also, but I'm getting better results using around 60mcg DES now.

  4. I'm game to run some DES as well I'm waiting for the new site to be up so i can order some for cheap. I'm liking that mgf so far my pinned muscle feels pumped longer then it does with igf-1 alone. Let me know how your cycle is going.

  5. yeah kinda dissapointed with the price of des with my usual pep supplier, but my buddy just got some from S*en... so if it's legit i'll be ordering from their new site as well

  6. MW. That's where mine came from. They claim they just got some more at a stronger purity. It's on another site now until the new one opens but supposed to be a big sale on the new site this weekend. The price is to high everywhere else. Good stuff IMO. Lightweight glad to see you like that combo. I used pegmgf and for a while all I noticed was increased DOMS but eventually I got some growth that seems to be less now than it was a week ago. Who knows. I'll keep playing around with it for a while


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