Results Worth The $$$ ?

  1. Results Worth The $$$ ?

    So I started a bridge several weeks ago, first time usage with GH.
    Doing 3.3IU (M-F, morning shots), 20MG Var and cycling Clen.

    I have 500IU's on hand, which should last me about 6 months.

    My questions for those who have ran it that long have you really even noticed anything worth talking about? I may sound impatient but hear me out. 6 months is a very long time. Within the next 6 months I would have gone on a light cut, picked up my cardio, and put a mean AAS cycle in the middle of it with a hard cut.

    Do you (or do you think I will) think "oh, I look like this now and I couldn't have done it without the GH"?

    Seems like someone would have to do the same diet and routine 6 months w/o GH and then 6 months w/ GH.

    Just saying, the ED injections, the cost, etc.

    Was it worth it for you?

  2. ive never taken HGH

    but i know if a person is just looking for muscle building compounds than your well off spending ur $ on anabolics.

    I feel like hgh is used so you can bulk and stay lean. train hard while minimizing the risk of injury. if your already injured it should make a huge difference in recovery. and bringing up lagging body parts.

  3. IGF-1LR3 is DEFF stronger and muchmore worth while "$" then hgh. i know it sounds crazy to some. but if you use ifg-1lrs at 30-70mcg ed for 6-8weeks you will know why. if its a good quality of course.

  4. I guess it's just something I have to do to make my decision.
    I'll do my 6 months, see how it goes.
    It's been about 3 weeks now. I got a little leaner, but that's due to my diet, cardio, clen, etc. I am getting that tingly feeling in my hands and feet though. Have notice some spot reduction at injection sites, but once again probably due to my diet and cardio increase.

    So far I rather spend my money on actual anabolics, but let's see how it pans out...

  5. I've done 4iu ED, 6iu ED. I am now doing 10iu 5X per week since June, so over 6 months and I can truly say, I have never in my life seen gh work so good. 4-6iu was eghh, prolly not worth the money but at 10iu, I feel great, I can't gain fat to save my life no matter if i eat at a buffet everyday, I have veins that were never even existent, my muscles are constantly full.. my skin is much healthier looking.. everything basically. I doubt ill go a day without it again, although I plan to drop the dosage down to 5 for a while now Don't want to be greedy haha!

  6. Critical, sounds like you have quite a bit of experience with gh. I'm glad it's working well for you. Have you noticed any suppression of your natural gh output over time?

    I'm very intrigued by gh, igf and ghrp, but have been staying in the peripheral until I'm sure I know enough.

  7. criticalbench--the other 2 days a week do u just not use any GH or do you cut your dose back?

  8. IMOP, IGF can give you the same muscle building effects as GH at a fraction of the cost..but thats where it ends..if you want better complexion, and general anti aging effects you need GH.

  9. Obviously anabolics will give you more bang for the buck, in the short term. GH needs to be utilized for long durations to reap any benefits. 10iu a day IMO is way too much, and I would be concerned about extended periods of time with suprabiological levels of IGF-1.
    Exogenous rHGH is better suited for leanness, anti-aging, and if using at high doses, only for shortb periods of time, or "bursts"


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