Whats new with IGF?

  1. Whats new with IGF?

    Havent been on the boards for a while. Just wondering whats new with IGF. Is the correct dose still 30mcg? Muscleresearch still the best place to get it? Still only supposed to run it for 4weeks? Anything new?

  2. Please read the stickies before posting questions like this... and browse through the forum, If there was an "update" to the reccomendations, the information would be in the stickies or near the top of the forum most likely.

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  3. 25-40mcg post w/o, it doesn't have to be limited to 4 week but stop when results stop


  4. has anyone found it better to use while dieting or bulking while on AAS. I used it once while dieting at 33mcg a day for 4weeks and got very poor results. Im starting a test/winny cycle in about 2weeks and was thinking about giving it a try again while bulking. Have people gotten better results this way or is it more of a cutting drug.

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