Thinking about adding GH to cycle, have questions

  1. Thinking about adding GH to cycle, have questions

    I am currently in a bulk cycle and will be about 215lbs. and around 14-16%bf when done. I'm 5'10 with experience in AAS, but never have used GH. I have read the GH sticky and the IGF stick as well, but don't think I understand everything fully; and I have questions. I plan on doing a cut cycle around feb. and would like to get down to about 185-190 at 8-10% bf. The cycle I currently have planned is as follows:

    Weeks 1-10 Test Prop 100mg/eod
    Weeks 3-10 Tren Ace 100mg/eod
    Weeks 6-10 Winny(oil based) 50mg/eod

    Cycling clen/t3 throughout cycle 2 weeks on/2 weeks off

    I have read that combining AAS's with GH will make the results that much better. The normal dose I read was 4-6 iu ED. My understanding is that you must run GH for a couple months to actually reap the benefits. As well our natural level is .5-1.0 I believe it said in our body. So with that in mind I had a couple of questions and scenario's that I was thinking about.

    1.) Would running 4iu for the total 10 weeks of this cycle be long enough to see any actual real benefits of the cost?

    2.) What if I ran 2iu for the entire 10 weeks of this cycle and then an extra 10 weeks after it was over? Would that give me enough extra added GH and time to see results that is worth the cost?

    3.) I gain pretty lean gains from Test E, would making this cycle 12-15 weeks with test E and running the 4iu's or 2iu's make any difference?

    4.) What if I said screw it and dropped the AAS's and just ran the GH and clen/t3 combo for about 3 months at 5-6 iu's a day?

    What do you think would give me the best result for what I'm looking to obtain?

  2. ive never used GH

    but from wat ive seen dont run less than 4 ius a day. if you want run it 5 days on 2 days off. this way you have a little more growth. but i tihnk youll see effects in 10 weeks.

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