igf-lr3 for PCT? Is it worth it?

  1. igf-lr3 for PCT? Is it worth it?

    I have been reading the stickies and all of the posts, but i am still looking for opinions on the matter.

    Do you think igf is worth the money if used strictly for PCT?

    The cycle includes HCG throughout, so recovery should be optimized.

    So in the presence of elevated cortisol and low test levels, will the igf (along with nolva and high calories) still be able to work some magic and help me solidify gains?

    Would it be better to also stack 7-keto and/or clen along with it?

    Thank you for your opinions.

  2. It's definetly worth it if you can afford it.

    If your using IGF-1 for PCT, I'd say forget the clen and 7-OXO/7-keto and let everything normalize. They could in theory help, but it's overkill in the presence of IGF-1. Save it for another cycle.

  3. Yes if you can afford it..like said above...what are you coming off of for the PCT?I am assuming AAS, since you are using HCG?You still need to use Nolva (or something), I am sure IGF does nothing to get test levels back to normal.I use it on pct from a 4 week m1T cycle..it helps you get through it

  4. It a good addition to pct


  5. Theres nothing wrong with running clen and 7 keto in addition to igf1, they target totally different areas of th epost cycle problem. Igf1 will help to make up for the hormonal deficit while 7keto and clen boost your metabolic rate allowing you to eat more without gaining fat and also assist in supressing cortisol.



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