IGF Questions (newbie)

  1. IGF Questions (newbie)

    What are some side effects associated with IGF use?

    Is IGF "safer" then Gear or PH's?

    Can I do an IGF only cycle, or should it only be used for pct ofther gear or PH's?

    Would it be ok for someone who is 20 years old to do?

    What precautions should one take when using it. Is it ok to do cardio while on it?



  2. check the sticky please.. it is there...

  3. I read it, Ill go read it again.

  4. I would think the cost outweighs the benefits for a 20yr old. The effects seem to be better the older the user is.

  5. At 20 should you be using anything ?????

  6. Thats why I asked.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Grant
    Thats why I asked.
    I am not trying to be condescending.

    Just at 20yo you have so much natural potential.
    With the right diet and work out routine there is NO reason why you shouldn't grow.


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