Newbie GH questions

  1. Newbie GH questions

    Hi guys, I stumbled across the forum and thought I would join - I'm here to learn.

    I've been lifting weights religiously for 15 years now. I'm 34 years old, 5'10", about 200lbs. I just barely look like a trained subject. Bodyfat is probably 30% or more. Yesterday I ate about 1800Kcal, did bi's and tri's (60 mins), and ran 3x 10min miles. You would think I would look better!

    My son is 3 years old and was recently diagnosed as GHD (gh deficient). This has made me wonder if I've had the same issue my whole life. Hearing about GH in the news and reading about it in magazines over the years, I had assumed it would be a $1k-$2k per month supplement. Based on what I've learned lately it's much more affordable now.

    Some questions:

    1) Does anybody have a set of links to actual documented medical studies on adult GH supplementation?

    2) I'm assuming there is a feedback mechanism in the body to regulated the amount of GH and associated chemicals. By supplementing with GH, is there any concern that a dependency will be developed where the body's natural production of GH is effectively shut down and will not resume even if/when the supplementation ceases?

    3) I would never even think about pursuing GH without a prescription. I really don't even know how to go about broaching this topic with a physician. Any advice?

  2. 1) Wikipedia has some excellent info.. search 'human growth hormone'... they also cite all their sources.. It does help to have specific queries relating... but as an overview that's an excellent place to start.

    2) As far as I've read.. No, and also in my personal experience.. No.

    'Many scientific studies confirm that GH treatment in adults improves the body composition (increasing the muscle mass and decreasing the fat mass), the bone density, muscle strength, cardiovascular parameters (i.e. decrease of LDL cholesterol), and the quality of life. Using moderate doses there are no side effects.' Studies are cited on wiki

    3) If your son is already diagnosed with deficiency, I think it would be a simple matter to express to your doctor you are concerned with a similar deficiency and request the testing.

  3. Supplementing with GH can hinder your own production, but realize that 1.) at your age, GH output is minimal, and 2.) if your GH deficient, it means your not making any anyway.
    Once you cease exogenous rHGH your output would return to whatever is normal for you.

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