dilluting IGFLR3w/oil ?

  1. dilluting IGFLR3w/oil ?

    ive done 2 cycles of IGFLR3 and almost ready for my third ive also diluted it with b12 or bac. water, on and off androgens also, but i was wondering if there would be any benefit diluteing with a mix of oil/ba/bb for im ?.

  2. not any I can think of

  3. If I have to do EOD shots of prop/tren is there any problem with including the IGF in the same shot?

    First load the IGF, then the gear. Any reason I should do seperate shots for the IGF and gear?

  4. thanks mathew d, it was just a brain fart,i must have been still asleep when i thought that one up.

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