Hey everyone, I've been running a 16wk summer recomp cycle with test at 600mg per week, but as I am approaching the halfway point I've developed a bit of a nagging shoulder injury that has slowed my progress quite a bit this last week or so. I've been researching igf for a long time and decided to throw some in for 4 weeks in the middle of my cycle and 3 weeks during pct. From all that I have gathered this should help lean me out a bit, add some pure lean mass, and maybe help out my shoulder...if I get one out of the 3 I'll be happy lol. I'm going to run 40mcg 3 days per week PWO, and inject into the muscle I worked. I'm also going to up the test to 750mg per week, I'm hoping to gain about 10lbs over the last 8 weeks. Enough rambling here are my stats so far...

Start of cycle:
bf% 11.7

Current Stats:

bf%: 12.5

My diet is perfectly clean, no cheat days or junk food of any kind. I'm lifting 3-4 days per week, 3 heavy days and 1 high rep light wt day, cardio is 2x per week, 20min HIIT on the elliptical. My one question to those who have used IGF before is how many calories per day over maintenance do you eat? I've heard you can up the calories on IGF and still get leaner, just wondering if I could go up to 500 above maintenance without a problem?

I'll be starting the cycle either wed or fri of this week, depending on when my igf arrives and will post updates each week.