Newbie..Got some questions..

  1. Newbie..Got some questions..

    I am currently out of the country in in the middle east an got my hands on some gh. Idk exactly what brand but I think it is just a generic blue top. So to my question is I added 2ml of bactorestic water. Plan on usin 7ius daily for 5 days 3 1/2 in the am an the other half in the pm. I know I should stack it but need to know where I can find more it was a one time source. An what kind of effects should I see? Thanks for your time..

  2. 7IUs/day is a lot. You dont need that much.

    also, no asking for sources

  3. Alright thanks

  4. Do like 4iu max per day. 7iu per day and you could get nasty sides..

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