what is the difference?

  1. what is the difference?

    Between hgh and ghrp I know that ghrp stimulates your body to produce/release more gh but does it have the same effect as hgh

  2. I would think that low doses of gh could be equated to ghrp-6 but in reality ghrp-6 is strongly orexegenic and not as good as low dose gh for fat loss. Perhaps ghrp-2 or a combination of peptides would be more low dose gh-like. One combination could be GHRP + GH fragment. Another: GHRP + CJC1295. Another: GHRP + GH fragment +CJC1295. Another: IGF-1 + GH fragment.

  3. Your not going to pull off the awesome effects of higher dosed gh with ghrp. You may get the small benefits, but not the true size and strength gains of gh.
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