New to GH - Couple questions

  1. New to GH - Couple questions

    Hey everyone. Just have a few questions about GH. Just recently found a connection to get Primatropin GH. I have attached pics of the vials. Right now I am cutting.

    1. I am doing AM cardio right now. Should I take the injection prior to AM cardio or post?

    2. Do I eat prior to the injection? Or should I eat an hour post inject?

    3. Would it be OK to split up the 10IU vial 3,3,4. 3 on M, 3 on Tues, 4 on Wed, 3 on Thurs, Etc 7 days a week. I was trying to make it so the vial divides even.

    Here are the vials. They look legit?

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    Thanks guys!

  2. No way to tell if your gh is legit by pics. GH is expensive enough where companies can actually spend money on making bunk gh look legit.

    -Since gh is a petide protein, and protein causes bubbles, take 1 vial, mix with water, shake the hell outa it, and see if bubbles remain for a very long time. If it does, there you have some peptide/protein inside for the most part.

    -Buy a pregnancy test and put some on it, if it tests positive, you got hcg.

    -By a glucometer for diabetics. Drink your pwo shake and test your glucose levels at 15 min intervals for an hour. Try that for 2 days and see if your numbers come out consistant for the most part day to day. 3rd day, shoot 10iu gh, drink your shake. If you blood glucose levels are significantly higher, its prolly legit.

    -Or get your IGF-1 levels tested.

    Your dosing schedule is fine, but I would really up the dose to 4-5iu ED min. GH is not a miracle like people play it out to be.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. So if I shake it will it hurt the GH at all?

  4. Are those Thanktropins?

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