MR's igf results...

  1. MR's igf results...

    well it lasted about 20-25 days.. i took 40mcg before bed... I also took test / fina with this... but this round i was able to loss fat and add lean muscle ... i am very very happy with the results and although i am running HGH right now ( 2ks on it) i will be using IGF1 again...

    any way i can easliy say i lost 2-3 % bf and kept my body weight the same... here is a pic of me i took few nights ago.. cheers
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  2. legs
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  3. before
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  4. Big difference in the pics. How much test/fina did you run?

  5. That is a very big difference. Good job mate.

  6. Nice bro....abs starting to come in nicely....

    Can't wait till I can hit some up...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by westniles
    Big difference in the pics. How much test/fina did you run?

    50mg of fina ed, 125mg of prop ed.. first pic taken may 16 or so, before pix are from april 22 or so...

    ofcourse i did diet and do alota cardio but igf1 did help alot in addin lbm

  8. DUDE! I was thinking you were looking pretty damn big and lean, and THEN I saw your before pic.

    That is one sweet transformation. Congrats.

  9. nice congrats bro, how old are you? I think your the first person to post pictures of before and after using IGF-1 thank you I've been looking for some for a time now..

  10. im 21 yrs old... cheers

  11. What was your diet like? I need to loose some fat but I still want to gain muscle. It looks like you accomplished this so I'd like to know how you did it.

    I am about to try IGF for the first time and I have been reading about it in this forum. It seems there is contradictory info about when is the best time to inject. The sticky says PRE workout, gobig's log said POST workout was optimal, and now I hear right before bed.

    If I do one injection per day at 40 mcg (running it with test and tren), and I workout 3 times per week, when is the best time to inject?

    Thanks for any input!
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  12. i dont know when is the best time bro, i heard its good to do it post workout...i usually do cardio before bed so i was doin calfs after cardio before bed.. 40mcg... but i guess for the most part i only did it before bed i just didnt have time to take it any earlier and i love sleepin on these stuff...

    diet, well basicly i was taking 3-5 protein shakes ed, each 60g of protein, and 3-4 real food meals... food was just protein and low carb... very little carb for breakfast, then i eat More carbs before workout(bread/rice) so i can lift hard then i take some carbs post workout (dextrose) thats about the only time i take carbs total of may be 200g prob less..

    the thing about igf1 is that u gota know ur body well to see it working, beauty of it is that it will add lean bodymass and gets u lean if u do ur diet/cardio

    test and tren is the pefect combo but i always workout at least 5 days/wk doin one weak bodypart 2x / wk and other parts just 1x/wk.. hope this helps, if u need some thing hit me up with pm .. cheers

  13. Damn! All I can say is WhoooAh!!! WHat are chances in keeping most of it? How is your postcycle doing?

  14. Great results Bro


  15. I created a animation of your progress.. that kicks ass man ! !

  16. Quote Originally Posted by pu12en12g
    I created a animation of your progress.. that kicks ass man ! !

    haha nice dude! funny... I actually have another picture from a month before that pic i look even fatter there... im cutting for another 6 wks.. im even leaner than this pic now... ill post my last set of pictures after i get as lean as possible.. all the pictures are taken with a dated newspaper by the way... and i have a close shot of the paper


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