Is it a good idea to run IGF1 and GH together?

  1. Is it a good idea to run IGF1 and GH together?

    If so what can u guys tell me about the timing of the two shots... cheers


  2. I lean toward before bed injections


  3. First of all congrats to bullfx! Good job! Keep it up. I've read that using GH and IGF together is very effective. I have been planning to start a very serious cycle in the near future and have been doing plenty of research. On one of the informative posts I have read: "The leading studies in this area: (Ney, 1999, Yarashenski, 1994.... Am J. App. Phys.) In the yarashesky study, no increase in lean mass was notices in the subjects using GH alone, but significant gains were found in subjects that supplemented with IGF and GH.. Yarasheski studies weight trained athletes, supplementing one group with GH alone, and one group with GH and IGF. "so IGF-1 alone does not promote such effects. (Leanness and increased lean mass) Nor does GH. It appears the combination of the two most consistently lead to increased protein synthesis". Both seem to negatively downregulate the other over time, so as to lead to diminishing returns. Cycling would be in order for that reason. Also, supplementing both is necessary because one or the other alone will suppress the natural production of the non-supplemented."
    Now, that article contradicts IGF-1's muscle building capabilities on its own that are being posted. I'm not sure if that info is true. Trying to find more info. Now, the 12 week cycle that I'm planning will be using IGF-1 long r3 weeks 1-4, 9-12, GH throughout the whole cycle. Now, since GH will be used in between my IGF cycles, I'd assume that some of it will break down to IGF, and does that mean that by week 8 my receptors wont rebound from the first IGF cycle? Maybe it's a good idea to take a break with growth factors weeks 4-8, but I will be taking many orals throughout, and I heard those make ur liver release plenty of IGF as well. Also, has anyone ever heard of Transforming Growth Factor? I have access to it, and would like to experiment with it. I have read that it greatly effects fibroblast cells. The cycle I'm planning would consist of:

    gh 3iu/day weeks 1-12 (I may lower to 1-2iu if bloating will be too much)
    igf-1 long r3 weeks 50mcg/day 1-4, 9-12
    slin 3iu post workout
    oral turinabol 40mg/day weeks 1-12
    winstrol 25mg/day weeks 1-12
    anavar 20mg/day weeks 1-12
    trenbolone 37mg/day 1-4, 9-12
    masteron 50mg/day 5-8
    furazabol 10mg/day 1-12
    test. suspension 40mg/day 1-12
    T3 weeks 1-4, 9-12
    clen + Zaditen weeks 1-12
    clomid 50mg/eod
    nolva 20mg/day
    arimidex 1 tab/day
    considering Transforming Growth Factor once i get more info on it. In addition, about 450grams of protein/day, creatine, betagen, liv-52, CLA, glucosamine, good prostate formula, few good liver cleansers and weight gainers.

    I know the cycle looks like a big salad, i just have most of those things in stock and thought a good synnergistic effect would be achieved if all combined. I'm assuming that GH (and possibly IGF as well) should allow me to use more of juice, t3 etc. Any comments are welcomed and will be greatly appreciated.

  4. well ill be runnin gh for 6months, i woudlnt go off gh to go on igf1 because i wana see how gh works on me... but since my last igf1 cycle was awsome i would like to just go on igf1 for another month while im on gh...

    from ur post sounds like u say u should cycle between gh / igf1? cant do both 2gether @ the same time?

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