Bloating or water retention on HGH

  1. Bloating or water retention on HGH

    Hi, I have started taking 2IU's of HGH a little over a week ago. I had elbow surgery and wanted to see if It would help heal and cure my tendonitis.

    Once I started taking HGH I have noticed my arms retainin water are are bloated and the area where they cut me is like a golf ball of fluid because of it. I was wondering if the bloating on hgh ever goes away or will I have this side the whole time I'm on HGH? I have cut back to only 1IU a day now to see if that helps. I think I may also do a 5 on 2 off to see if that helps also.

    Is there anything else you can do to avoid this or fix it?


  2. u can read maxim

  3. I would say lower the dose, but 2IU is already low. That is some serious sides for only 2iu, what kind are you running. 12.5mg hctz solves all my bloat problems at higher doses.
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  4. I'm not sure, I have blue tops from China.

  5. Its somatroin and each vial is 3.3 mg. I'm using a 1ml syringe and reconstitute it using 1ml of Bac water so if I'm pulling out to the 20 on the syringe that is 2IU's correct?


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