P-GH vs IGF?

  1. P-GH vs IGF?

    First I have heard of this stuff, they are raving over it over at steroidology. Sounds kinda hokey to me with the main ingredient being GABA.
    Has anyone used both and are the two comparable?

    Seems to me IGF would be a better bet but how about some input.

  2. Did a little more research and at the levels these guys are running it it is just as expensive as IGF. I trust the IGF so that's where my money is going but still interesting.

  3. it is/was cheaper because the company selling it was offering a month free, with a month purchase. this was an unadvertised special.

    so, it was $80 for 2gms, not $80 for 1 gms

    that special expired at the end of april iirc

  4. Yeah I knew of the special, but now I do not see any reason not to go with IGF

  5. my point was that, even at the dosages they were using it at, it wasn't as expensive as IGF, given the price special.

  6. True enough


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