need help with putting it all together

  1. need help with putting it all together

    Hi I am new to the board and I have been researching hgh and igf for some time now. I have decided to introduce these peptides into my upcoming cycle and I would like any input as far as using them with my next cycle. I generally want a lean mass building cycle so I am going to try hgh and igf for the first time. I am 32 years old and have been using aas for about 10 years with great gains. I went from 150lbs to 250lbs with my bf usually around 12- 15%. I have been off aas for 1.5 years and I took a break from the gym because of a new demanding job and I also got married. Now after those excuses my stats are: 6ft 5 in.,248lbs, 24% bf, 59.7lbs fat weight, 188.3 lean weight. I have re-introduced myself to the gym for about 4 months now with a full body workout 3 days/week and I am ready to concentrate on my upcoming aas cycle and I want to use hgh and igf primarily for fat loss. This is my upcoming cycle:

    WEEK 1-12
    Test E 500mg and Equipoise 400mg
    WEEK 1-4
    DBol 25mg/day
    WEEK 9-12
    Anavar 50mg/day
    WEEK 1-12
    Arimidex .5mg/day if necessary for symptoms of nipple sensitivity

    If anyone could explain how to incorporate ghg and igf for me to get the best synergistic effect please let me know. I was thinking about doing 2iu hgh 6 on 1 off for 2 weeks then bumping it up to 3 iu for 2 weeks then up to 4iu everyday at the start of my cycle. As for the igf I will inject into the most recently muscle worked out 30mcgs split bi laterally every 3 days. If I do not notice results from that dosage I will bump it up to 40 or 50mcgs. But when should I start the igf? Before, during, after the cycle. I have read that it is useful during pct. How great would the results be when hgh, igf, and aas are combined?


  2. HGH, IGF and AAS will yield great gains.

    How long do you plan to run HGH? if its anything less then 6 months, dont waste your time. 2-3IUs per day is plenty. And you're better off doing 5 on 2 off (typically how its ran for daily benefits).

    As for IGF, You can use it anytime, on cycle, off cycle, PCT, whichever you choose. From my experience, its best done 3x per week done bi-laterally w/ about 40mcg total. This will actually work well for you since you are lifting 3x per week, so do it PWO.

    Another thing you want to focus in on since fat loss is your goal, try to remain as active as possible on non workout days in order to continue to burn more cals.

  3. I currently have 2 kits of hgh on hand. It will be my first time using it so I am a little weary about buying a 6 months or more of a supply because I do not know if i would want to continue it. As far as using hgh and igf at the same time, will the combo increase the ability to go into a hypoglycemic state? The main concept that I worry about using hgh is joint pain, swollen hands, lose of grip strength, headaches, and hypoglycemia. And I will plan to change my workout to a 4 on 1 off split program.

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