insulin question

  1. insulin question

    i always read its best to take insulin after workouts, but my problems is i dont hit the gym till about 9or10pm, then im in bed by midnight and i know its not a good idea to fall asleep while your in your first few hours, so im wondering if anyone knows if i can just take insulin first thing in the morning, seems like i would have everything transported to my muscles by the time i did my late night workout...lmk

  2. Two options:
    1) Re-schedule your workouts
    2) Don't use `slin. It won't be effective like that IMHO.

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  3. Slin in the morning will help u lean up, but seriously it wont work that way. This is my slin saying. "What u put in is what u get out!".
    If u were to take slin in the morning eat a great balanced meal with it also and make sure you get a complete balance carbs. U can experiment with creatine it works well with slin, but more so I would recomend aminos for slin, I personally like the liquid aminos with it. Also limit fat intake to a little bit or none, the only fat u should intake with slin is essential fatty acids (CLA,ALA,Lecithin etc.). Thats all I really have to say, I've used slin for awhile I use 30 iu's twice a day, I would never recomned anyone just starting insulin to take that much, I've had some encounters before.

  4. well , for one , reconsider ur post workout meal and get enough , lots of protein and carbs , dont do the slin shot then though , early morning , do a small shot , get a meal , again eat another , before u go off to work or school or whatever. will help , not to the extent as taking it post workout , but still , helps nonetheless.

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