ACL reconstruction..please help

  1. Red face ACL reconstruction..please help

    Hey everyone,

    I'll be honest, I dont really know much about any of this, but Im in dire need of some knowledge.

    I will be undergoing an ACL reconstruction using my patella tissue on June 2nd. I am a sprinter at my college and I would really like to accelerate my recovery to be back for pre-season training in the fall and the indoor season in the winter.

    Specifically, what can i use to shorten my ACL recovery process?

    Thanks so much everyone!

  2. GHRP-2 with modified GRF: 100mcgs of each 3x day IM.

  3. Physical Therapy, Rest, and Recovery.

    Didn't take me long to heal from ACL Reconstruction. What took the longest was trying to kneel down on my scar. Very painful at first.

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