Downregulation ?

  1. Downregulation ?

    Alright so I have been pinning Lr3 for 4 weeks now on an eod schedule at 40 mcg bilateral, I have hit both calf heads, both bicep heads, chest a few different spots, 2 tricep heads, Lats, inside quads and today will hit outside quads, so here lies my question....

    Do I need to cycle off for 2 weeks at this protocall or can I continue and cycle back through the muscle groups in the same order ?

    How quickly if at all would the receptor cells downregulate like this ? I haven't put anything in my bicepts for almost a month....

    Just curious because I swear I recall seeing this info somewhere but I have been unable to find it lately.


  2. Someone who will pin every single bodypart could pin every training day with good results. This person will have to take a break after 40 days or so.

    Someone who pins only arms cannot do this, as the receptors of any given bodypart stay downregulated for a bit after receiving a shot of IGF-1. This person can pin 3-4 times a week total, that's about it.

    IMO the best protocol is to pin 3-4 times a week in rotating bodyparts. This implies that it takes about 2 weeks before you return to pinning the same bodypart again. At that rate, you can use IGF-1 forever provided your dose is reasonable.

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