How quickly will Lr3 degrade in Bac Water?

  1. How quickly will Lr3 degrade in Bac Water?

    Basically I'd like to load up my pin around 5pm and shoot around 8pm.

    Does anyone know if the Lr3/Bac Water mix in the syringe will degrade over 3 hours?


  2. why would you load it 3 hours prior to shooting it? I know the BW makes it last a very short time - but not sure how long. I would not chance it - i just draw and shoot every morning.

  3. It can be done in a pinch. I had to shoot at work one day, so I preloaded a pin in the morning to shoot around noon. It was cold outside, so I just left the pin in my car until it was time to shoot it. I doubt there is much degradation in 4 hours, but I really had no other option. I grabbed an alcohol swab from the 1st aid kit & pinned in a bathroom stall. I noticed no difference, but I wouldn't do it that way unless really necesary to be sure.

  4. You know, you could pull up the IGF into your syringe ahead of time and then add the BW just prior to shooting. If you're worried about the temp, just keep the syringe with one of those reusable coldpacks. Probably not a huge issue, though...

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