why cycle IGF?

  1. why cycle IGF?

    If igf acts in a similar way to HGh (i.e. hyperplasia) why would you need to cycle it, as suggested by bobo? After all, users of HGh can usually take it for months with better results than they would get from a 5-week cycle (especially for fat loss). Is there a significant feedback mechanism that would down-regulate the body's own synthesis of IGF and take time to recover from IGF usage? From what I'm reading on this forum, the post-cycle effects of IGF only seem to be psychological anyways (withdrawal symptoms).

  2. Truth is, nobody knows for certain and I can't really find a concrete explanation why.
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  3. Well, I wouldn't call them _withdrawal_ symptoms, not in the 'classical' sense of post-AAS low testosterone levels. I just went back to feeling, uhh, 40 years old as opposed to that early-20's feeling while on IGF. Will I use it again? Yep. Will I cycle it? Yep, until somebody tells me that the effects don't diminish over time and digs up some research. I'm wondering if there's a mechanism similar to insulin resistance going on maybe - there are similarities in receptors, etc.

  4. Due to lack of sufficient knowledge, I guess it's better to err on the safe side then.

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