Does anyone know what i can use to recon GHRP-2, besides Bac-Water? I just can't get the stuff...

  2. got some at a small pharmacy...nevermind!

  3. Good to hear Running it with Mod-GRF?

  4. by itself actually...i'm real new to any of the stuff. will it be pretty good if i run it alone? i hear so many different opinions...

  5. It's synergistic with Mod-GRF. 100mcg of each 2-3x/daily is ideal. On it's own it's fairly cheap and does help a bit.

  6. I'm gonna try it on its own for a month and mix other stuff in, if I'm not satisfied. I'm shooting 200mcg in the morning and 200mcg at night. Money is tight, so hopefully this works well on its own...


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