10 Times More Potent Than R3 Igf 1? This Is Crazy!

  1. 10 Times More Potent Than R3 Igf 1? This Is Crazy!

    I was browsing through www.steroidtips.com and I made the most profound discovery yet. I came across a mystery substance which they would not reveal unless you buy the book. I t claims that the "steroid like" sustance is 10 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN R3 IGF 1 AND BURNS FAT AS GOOD AS DNP!

    What in the hell is this stuff? I have used R3 just lately and I think it is freaky enough. I had some wicked localized growth right in the immediate area where I pinned. I also kept huge rock hard pumps for hours. Not done my stint with r3 yet so I am not giving out stats yet.

    But I hope all the brothers out there, and I mean the vets including bobo and chemo, will look into this substance and let everyone be aware that there is some wicked claims to serious muscle gains out there.

    This stuff also is not able to be destroyed by the liver and raise test levels to astronomical amounts.

    Oh, and for the record I am a vet lifter with my diet in check and this sustance , if true, would be a sure ticket to competition for me.

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT and figure out what this is. I will not hold my breath that this stuff is real though. The claims are just not realistic. It claims that a 250 pound man will be 300 in shredded muscle in 6 weeks. They claim a pound a day in lean muscle mass and no water look like synthol arms.
    Lets see what we can find out from www.streroidtips.com

  2. Sounds a wee bit too good to be true to me, they also link over to elitefitness... which I'm not a huge fan of.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  3. Come on men! Step up to bat and help me find the answer to this mystery drug. It DOES sound to good to be true. But I'm all ears!

  4. I'll take a wild guess here and say there talking about myostatin inhibitor. I haven't found that much info on this yet, but what I've read has proven it to be bunk in humans. But I haven't done that much reading at all on the subject .

  5. It must be Methyl-Methoxyisoflavone!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    It must be Methyl-Methoxyisoflavone!
    That was gonna be my second guess...my third is Cell-Tech

  7. I have the book; it's liquid creatine.

  8. its bs bro

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bullfx
    its bs bro
    is it true that you have to take the "bs" through an enema or can it be injected as normal

  10. I actually think that when they say this, they're talking aboutLong R3 IGF-1.

    You see, lately we've come to call Long R3 IGF-1 "IGF". But that's not an accurate term. So they can say it's 10x as potent (as regular IGF-1 doses are close to 400-600mcg/day) and be 100% correct.

  11. Rocky,
    You gotta be kidding me! Thanks for everyone doing all the research. I was just real courious if there was suck a product. But I would put money on liquid creatine not being as anabolic to muscle as r3 anyday. Peace out.

  12. N4cer, very interesting the way you interpreted the literature different than me. You know now that I looked at it again you could be right that they were comparing the old igf to the new long chain r3. But at any rate it sounded like a bunch of bs as bullfx illuded to earlier. And viking I'm not sure if you can inject bs!HAHA!

  13. You can inject BS, but you'll need a 20cc syringe and 5g x 4" needle.

  14. IT is "Hi Fat Milk". I have seen people go from 165 lbs. to 295 lbs. in no time at all.
    The problem is getting the milk from a 2,390 pound cow without getting killed!



  15. Maybe it's IL-15 (?) Interleuken 15 has some pretty interesting anabolic effects...

  16. Ok it sounds like a lot of bs, the only thing that I know is more powerful than IGF-1 (or longR3) period is MGF, which we cant get.. for right now :-D

  17. it actually talks about the long version and is from the book "building the perfect beast." i think a couple of people here on the board read it but doesn't want to say what it is. the link is http://www.anabolicbeast.com/home.shtml


  18. smilac reloaded

  19. Are there any plans in the near future for "Methyl BS"?


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