Muscle Research T/A time

  1. Muscle Research T/A time

    for those who have ordered with MR, what is there turnaround time? I ask because I am moving in just over a week and am hoping to receive before I leave and I ordered a couple of days ago. Thanks for any replies.


  2. It depends where you are. It took 6 days to get to the Chicago area.

  3. Tx

    Thanks for the reply bro....I'm in Tx, do they notify you because it is sent on ice? getsum27

  4. Try emailing them or posting in their forum under "trusted stores". I'm sure they can give you the shipping status.

  5. 3 days here..

  6. Send Muscle Research a PM

    Delivery to Texas took 6 days. MR is great at answering PM's. You will get shipping status very quickly by doing so. No worries bro, it will come and you will be impressed.

  7. have faith bro.. i was getin pissed @ first from the customs, but his packin is great, sent it the first bus day after getin paid. no fkin round with him bro.. Ull get ur **** trust me he will do his part right


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