first slin shot of my life !:D

  1. first slin shot of my life !:D

    im 6'3 275 lbsas of now, i actually lost alot of weight from my cutting 27lbs to be exact.... anywhow! first shot of slin ever 8 iu after legs... no drowsiness... actually just before the shot i had dry gags(from the workout) would it be bennificial to spot inject slin ??? just wondering what you guys think, im going to up the dose to 10 iu maybe more.... but well see what i can handle. i did the shot in my stomach and i have been training for several years. i have dextrose on hand also.

  2. Im going to be the first to say this but probably not the last. At 20y/o you are to young to be messing with slin or AAS.
    8iu as your first dose is just stupid. You may be under the impression that since you weight more you can handle more slin. Thats not the way slin works. No matter how big you are small amounts will effect you. Start low and pyramid up.
    Site injection will not help because you should be giving the slin Sub Q(into the fatty layer) not into the muscle.
    Im not trying to flame you bro, but one mistake with this stuff can and will kill you.

  3. *sigh* it isn't like we've got TONS of info about how to properly use slin all over this board.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  4. so ive heard...ruff, i have read all of the slin info on this board, i havent touched aas yet im actually just trying to get ready for my first cycle also, ive been researching for a while now i guess about 5-6 months or so on bolex and a couple other boards. i was actually going to try 5 iu ed and move on from there, but i read about that ratio thing what was it 1 iu per 20lbs bodyweight, well i actually thaught i was cutting myself short with a 8 iu shot, thanks for your input what about im-site injection ? i talked to some other guys and they do that but only in problem bodyparts... let me know.. i started training when i was 9, didnt get serious untill i was 13 (got a better knowledge about training) is that enough time for me to get started on aas? or have i not enough experience? please guys lend me some help thats what im hear for...gettin input thanks i dont need sarcasm either

  5. well , if ure sensible and konw how to go about using slin , 20 is not too young to be honest . u can go IM with insulin with the muscle trained on that day , but that hits u quicker , so u would be better off sticking to sub Q injects for a while . use around 8-10 gms carbs and 9-10 gms whey per iu of slin , this is the only thing which will make sure u are safe and growing like weed .

  6. i had all of the carbs and protein taken care of, but just for ruffneck spookin me ill lower the dosage... i felt no sides from the slin last time so i think everything went to plan...

  7. why do slin before AS? i think its better to gain on AS and then when growin gets harder add slin, then gh... but any way, good luck to u. just keep it safe bro, your health is the most imporant thing here...bullfx

  8. thanks for the replies guys,
    i took my second shot at 6 iu ... i wonder if that was ok... i felt fine, i had 72 grams of carbs and 92 grams of protein instantly, then i came home and about 30 min later i had 30 grams pro and 20 grams carbs and a bowl of oatmeal... i feel fine ... thanks again for the input yall


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