propecia causes low gh???

  1. Question propecia causes low gh???

    how could propecia alter gh levels? it doesn't reduce any sex hormone (testosterone); it reduces the effectiveness of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which in turn reduces excess dht. So, how does propecia reduce or affect gh levels?? i just read someone posting that this is why his hormone levels, especially gh levels, were negatively affected.

  2. I saw same post, but thought they meant low IGF may have caused their hair loss. I haven't heard that 5ar inhibitors cause low GH.

  3. I'm not sure why you guys would post this or doubt that it does effect T & Gh. If you have never taken it, then I guess you would never know. Trust me it does effect both of these. I have never taken another drug and propecia f'd up my free T & GH.

    The drug some how effects the pituitary gland. I have no idea how, but it did. If you look on the, there are hundreds of men that have experienced the same thing.

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