HGH Frag 176-191

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    are you using 250mcg 2x ED or 500mcg 2x ED??
    I have been using 500 2X ED. I had 6x5mg bottles for 30 total at 1000mcgs ED.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Hgh_Peptides View Post
    I'd disagree in terms of putting on fat easily.....
    Compared to ghrp-6 for example, I'd say 176 is clean for weight loss.
    The problem is the dosing and half-life.
    Ideally, you'd run it 3x per day at a low dose for weight loss.
    Bumping up the dose and hitting it once daily leads to mass gains.
    Ever try combining frag with traditional cjc1295 (no dac), for cutting?
    Additionally, I'd recommend arching your dosing. Despite popular opinion, I believe it is more beneficial to start and end with a low dose(highest dose mid "cycle").
    With all this said, 1mg per day is supposed to drop 2.6kg of fat in 6 weeks without any other changes in diet or exercise.
    The hard part, I believe you are noticing, is that you will be far more hungry.
    (Not like ghrp6 or mk-677, but still more hungry.)
    I ONLY use HGH-fragment 176 as PCT to CJC-1295.
    And don't be shocked if you get a 5 day cold at the end.
    This stuff propels the immune system while on, 2-3 days after you finish... 5 day cold.....
    If you can't afford the cold due to work, etc, plan in advance.
    I hope this helps.

    Ps. I'm ending the issue of dosing with hgh fragment 176 by adding polyethylene glycol to give it a three day timed release.
    My version will be ready before 2012.
    I am not sure why you would make the comment "i'd disagree in terms of putting on fat easily." That is like me saying, "your sister is ugly." I wouldn't know that, as you would not know what kind of an endomorph I am. I bulk if I take in more than 50 grams of carbs no matter how heavy and hard I work out. Only when I do 30 grams or fewer will I lose weight. I also gain weight taking whey with water because it causes a brief insulin spike. I am strong as a mother though, because my body doesn't canababalize anything. I will research the 3x daily protocol. I like the idea of taking more often, but logistics make that nearly impossible because of work etc. I always assumed that taking it 2x or more daily would offer more benefit than once daily. And the cold issue, what is up with that? I know you get sick after a cycle of test if you don't PCT correctly, what is suppressing the immune system? And what company are you with that will be offering the timed release? Thanks...

  3. Yeah HGH frag needs to be pinned 3-5x per day and needs to be ran in a fasted state. HGH Frag releases FFAs into the bloodstream which your body can use as an energy substrate. So if you have other carbs and fat in your diet you won't burn the FFAs that get released into your bloodstream by the HGH Frag.

    So, basically try eating just protein for the day when you're using the frag. It will actually be easier than you think. I noticed that I didn't have to eat as much when I was using frag. I just wasn't getting hungry.

  4. I have finished my hgh-frag. My weight is down some and my clothes are down. I didn't feel it helped me as much as clebuterol, but I also never felt any sides which made me happy.
  5. My luck with Frag 176 - 191

    I feel that this fragment helped me lose my belly fat. I have always had a kind of spare tire, even if I went down to 6% bodyfat, it'd all kind of cling around my waist. That said, I began using this frag, using it per Dat's instructions, and I used it for several months. If you aren't disciplined, and don't stick to the instructions, you can't blame the frag, unless you're getting bunk. At any rate, I have absolutely nothing on my belly, nor any "love handles" which have plagued me for my entire life. I'm now 51, and my body is hotter than when I was 16, and that's a quote from my high school girlfriend and now my wife. She'd tell it to me straight, so there's no ego stroking going on. My waist size is smaller than it has ever been. I wore a 33 waist in Levi's throughout high school, and ballooned at times up to a 36. I now wear a 30 levi's and they float on me, and given that I weigh 195 lbs, and am at 7% body fat, I look like an upside down pyramid. Your mileage may vary, but I followed the instructions religiously, and I did 45 mins of intense cardio every day. Typically 90 - 95% of my max heart rate for the entire 45 mins. (Max heart rate = 220 - age) So for me, my max heart rate is 170, and I'd do cardio, typically north of 160 bpm, for the entire 45 mins, with a 5 - 10 min warm up, and a few minutes to slow down, so all in all it took about an hour. Patience, proper diet, and discipline along with this peptide, did wonders for my physique.

  6. frag works but its a bitch to use it properly

  7. Revtulip, at the end of your experiment, do you feel it is worth it with HGH fragment?
  8. Thumbs up

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a disciple of the Dat, and an ectomorph.

    As an ectomorph, I often have trouble with bulking. At one point this had lead me to excessive caloric surplus, and come springtime I found the fat just wasn't coming off as simple as before. While bulking I had gotten upwards of 5,500 kCal per day. As I started "leaning out," I dropped down to 4,000 kCal/day and started to see improvement, but at a minimal level. At 3,500 kCal/day or less I was just losing muscle, and it was apparent.

    Thus I decided rather than an anorexia diet, I'd use hormones to my advantage. I began using 200 mcg hGH Frag TID (3x/day), but having a small bit of knowledge about applied human biochemistry (aka endocrinology), I did know enough to stay low carb and dose well away from anytime carbs were injested. The effects didn't start for about a week, but after that the abdominal fat and perirenal fat capsule (aka lovehandles) began diminishing at a rate that almost startled me. I continued the hGH frag for a total of three weeks, the last day of which I had a Complete Metabolic Panel drawn.

    I sat in the doctor's office nervously awaiting a lecture about "How have you been supplementing lately?" and instead was informed all levels were completely normal. Fasting BG was 87, and the only measure that was elevated was BUN, which is a natural result of a protein-rich diet.

    All-in-all, I lost about 3 inches in the waist while only losing 4.5 lbs. bodyweight, and incurring no negative effects on blood chemistry or pituitary GH release. The muscles gained a lean, hard look I've not seen since var, and my lifts stayed the same as when bulking. After discontinuing the hGH frag, I continued to lose belly fat for 2-3 days then plateaued, but with no fat rebound in the months to come. While my story may not be the one everyone will experience, I can testify to the effectiveness of this peptide in my training regimen. I lost abdominal fat like it was a bodily function and maintained the muscle gained over the Winter. People with less active thyroids than mine might want to up the dosage or frequency a bit, but I was trying to get away as cheap as possible.

    Not here to make a sales pitch, just throwing in my $0.02.

  9. i'm going to run a six month trial on hgh frag 176-191. it will be the first gear i have ever run. will have an album updated monthly with measurements and max lifts. flexing and natural posture pics. also with any side effects. December will be a research month for me and a dosing plan. January will have updated album and dosing plan.

    Putting hgh 176-191 frag to the test. 2015 the year of gear.


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