oral spray igf-1 legit?

  1. oral spray igf-1 legit?

    alright, as naive as it may sound, i've been hearing some great things all around about the oral sprays for igf-1. i know a personal trainer who swears by this stuff, and he buys two or three bottles at a time, every couple weeks (at the nutrition shop i frequent as well). i obtained a different brand, but still my question remains. is the oral spray actually worth my time? i've tried it for the past few days (it was cheap enough to trial run it), and i seem to not be totally affected yet. maybe it'll take some time to feel it? i've noticed a little tightening of the skin, increased muscle pumps, and definitely higher libido from day two. i'm thinking the pumps are coming from my switch in pre-wo though.

    i was told by my friend, at the shop i bought it from, that it will make the skin tighter, a little lean muscle growth (i'm not thinking muscle growth like on test, or SD by any means) and increased libido.

    here's the ingredient list if you guys want it:
    Deer Antler Velvet Extract (Cervi parvum cornu) 11 mg
    IGF-1 (insulin-like Growth Factor-1) 27.5 ng
    Stevia Extract (Stevia rebaudiana) (Leaf) 1.6 mg

    now, i've read that oral form igf isn't potent at all, is this true? if so, i doubt it would hurt to use up the rest of this stuff, and pray for a placebo effect haha. and the muscle gains, if any, i would expect the same as a trib booster (for me, bout 2lbs in a month, if i'm lucky). only use i wanted it for was a nice libido spike (who doesn't want one?), tighter skin (if its true), and wishful thinking for some lean gains.... ok, that one's a bit far-fetched to some, but whatever.

    ok, time for your thoughts guys! i just haven't yet found anything that answers my question enough to satisfy me

  2. could possibly give you a very small benifit just as some hgh pills do work to a small degree but i would not expect anything even close to what you would get off 1mg of lr3... if you want to use it, i would do at least two bottles and just see what happens.

  3. that's what i figured. any you would suggest for use? oral spray or tabs? or do you think that injections are far better in comparison to anything orally taken?

  4. injections will be far better...but i saw a product called uphgh and thought it looked like a legit product... i was planning on using it in the future... just google it and check it out. mixing that with alot of Argine and lysine will give you at least an elevated growth hormone level. how much? i have know idea....

  5. are you thinking about hgh up from applied nutriceuticals? i couldn't find one called uphgh.

  6. ya....my bad i meant hghup

  7. hmmm.. so hghup with argine and lysine? sounds interesting. let me know how it goes. i might try that stack once my body is over my post cycle haha


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