PGH/slin/aspiration questions

  1. PGH/slin/aspiration questions

    I ordered some PGH. It seems that slin pins are the preferred type for administration. Is there a specific type of slin that would be preferable if someone were to experiment with this method ? Is there a recommended place to buy the pins for a good price? Could someone explain the aspiration process please?


  2. First off, you don't need to EXPERIMENT with slin. You should research it thoroughly before using.

    Aspiration-after inserting the needle into the skin gently pull back on the plunger. If you get air then you're ok. If you get blood in the syringe, pull the needle out and re-stick.

  3. Thanks, Ruffneck...

    I am not going to use insulin, just the pin for the PGH... which I have researched and still am researching.

    oh........ 'experimentation' could be interchanged with 'research' or 'disclaimer'

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