Rotator cuff tear IGF with ?

  1. Rotator cuff tear IGF with ?

    Im reading conflicting reports on what to stack with IGF for a rotator cuff partial tear. MGF, GHPR... Its very confusing.

    Its 30% partial rotator cuff tear, along with a partial ligament tear/strain.

    I am trying to come back strong from a dislocated shoulder as I am a athlete. Any advise or links from the wise members?

  2. glucosamine is helping mine. No military press or pull downs past 90degrees.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jmciii View Post
    No military press or pull downs past 90degrees.
    I could not agree more! I had a pretty bad shoulder injury (360 degree labral tear and partial rotator cuff tear). You're on step ahead of me by knowing how severe the damage is....but to keep a long story short, I didn't realize the severity of damage I had an made it 1000x worse.

    Wish you a speedy recovery!


  4. IGF-1 lr3. With my hamsters experience with it, I found it to work pretty well. Only problem I had was the injections would make the area's sore and tender. You can feel the injury getting better(dislocated shoulder, bicept tendon and rotator cuff partial tears) but the areas would be sore from the inject.

  5. I will be having surgery for a torn tendon to shoulder in a few weeks. Trying to decide too.....MGF, GHPR, Serotropin Kit 191AA-R, etc....
    A lot of info, trying to weigh out the options. I'll keep you posted on what I decide and the results.


  6. So I wanted to sum up my experience to help anyone gather more information in regards to this.

    With my experience, I had the following. Dislocated shoulder, Partial rotator cuff tear 30%, partial biceps tendon tear. Started using IGF-1 LR3 after week 3. Total use was 2MG for 9 weeks. Currently at week 11 with about a 95%-98% recovery. Only issues are full range of motion without pain, 5%. After the first week, I Lifted 4-5 days a week on the PT protocol of internal, external rotations, among all the other shoulder exercises slowly building up. At week 8 I resumed all normal physical activity, which included 4x a week soccer, running, and lifting. For the location, I used 2 or 3 locations that gave me pain on the shoulder, 15-20mg each, usually 2 times a day for 60mcg/day. Side effects were stiff feet, sometimes tired in the beginning, and when I used over 100mcg the first few times on accident, lightheaded.

    So all in all, I would say we don't really know if it was the miracle cure or my dedication to working out slowly with PT, but I did not need surgery and I am almost 100%. Would I use it again, yes. Did I think I got a high grade product, yes. Was it expensive, yes, but less then surgery. Am I happy with the result, absolutely.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Just an update. Same shoulder blew out again. This time not as bad, it was from a shoulder hit on the other shoulder. I believe it was the result of tapering down my rotator cuff strengthening.

  8. So keep continuing to strengthen 2-3 times per week to keep those muscles strong if you dont have surgery.

  9. sounds good brother! glad to hear that igf-1 did its job!
    PM me about my peptide research findings


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