peptide cycle for ligament tear?

  1. peptide cycle for ligament tear?

    i am a football player, done with college trying to make it next level... i have some serious opportunities comming up soon but just suffered a grade 2 tear of my PCL in right knee...doc thinks i can rehab to playing ability in six weeks but i need this injury healed asap if possible... starting tomorrow when the mail shows up i will be starting a igf-1 lr3, cjc-1295, and Ghrp-6 cycle...

    Cycle: igf-1, 60mcg per day morning before work split in two shots as clsoe to injury as possible IM. 16 days total
    cjc, 100mcg 2x per day with ghrp. 60 days total
    Ghpr, 150mcg 2x per day with cjc. 50 days total

    i have used juice in the past but have not in years because of testing...igf-1 did help me fully recover from a hamstring injury once and i felt it helped alot... wanted to see if anyone had any info on the ability of these peptides to speed recovey and the chances of making a full recovery buy using them??

  2. I would go with your igf protocol first, run the full cycle of it until its done. Then continue with the ghrh/ghrp indefinitely. Igf will interfere with your ghrh/ghrp, so don't waste it. One, then the other. It should aid in healing quite a bit. BUT thats not to say that you still need to allow proper time for recovery bro....You know what they say, "fools rush in..."

  3. could some one tell me why i can not stack the igf-1 with the cjc and ghrp?? because i have read that taking real GH with igf-1 is a great stack... just started today so a quick response would be helpfull.. thanks!

  4. hey speed11 quick question. how did u go about injecting your hammys? im thinking about injecting there for a hamstring injury but am told its too risky being so close to the scuatic nerve and all. thanks

  5. i just sat down bent my leg at a 90 degree angle and injected directly into the injured part of the muscle then did the same to the other hamstring....

    also for any one who cares...i went head and did the igf-1 with the cjc and ghrp-6 and the results have been amazing three weeks ago i weighed 214 with legit abs and today im up to 220 with more definition in my abs and all my muscles are really lookin swole up... was able to run at 12 mph and 3% incline on treadmil less then four weeks after a completle pcl tear. hoping to be playing again in 8 weeks.

  6. Speed, Good to hear about your progress. I just started a similar protocol, but I also added PEG-MGF and HGH 176 fragment.
    Are you injecting into you affected knee? I have read good results in the past when injecting directly to the joint or injury site. Most of the info that I had read was with GHRP-6. I am sure adding the others would only improve your results. Good luck to you!

  7. yes i did several injection into the back of my knee into the muscle and soft tissue in that area...i also threw in 2mgs of peg-mgf every few days for two weeks or so... i injected the cjc and ghrp-6 you know anything about igf-2 lr3??? i have some knowledge but not alot... because im about to take a break off the cjc and ghrp-6 for a few weeks and do 1mg of igf-1 lr3 and 500mcgs of igf-2 lr3... a buddy and me are gonna split 1mg of the igf-2 and see what happens...

  8. hey speed11, while on the peptides how hard are you working out your injured areas? did you go to a physical therapist or you were able to take care of it on your own. sorry for all the questions, im in a very similar position as you so any input is reallly helpful, thanks!

  9. Hi, I see you did geat with your recovery. I am in a similar situation, I have ulnar collateral ligament tear in the left elbow and damage in the right elbow. What would you suggest?


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