Fatburner hinders glycogen?

  1. Fatburner hinders glycogen?

    I want to incorporate some lipo-6 (fat burner) into my IGF-1 regimen. Im also taking Satur8 creatine and R-ALA. Will introducing this fatburner effect the volumization effects from the IGF-1 and the satur8? I ve read that caffiene robs you from the ATP surge the creatine provides for that extra few reps, but doesnt effect intra-cellular volumization? just sub-q water, which is fine. Basically I want to use lipo-6 to slice up while staying full looking on my IGF-1/creatine cycle? Anyone know if lipo-6 would hinder these effects?

  2. Ok guys, I wanna look full and "3-dementional" will this lipo **** make me flat and counter the other 2 products???

  3. Personally, it sounds like you are using to much in one cycle. I would just stick to your basic plus the IGF-1LR3

  4. I don't believe that it would, you should be fine. Most people don't go flat on caffeine that I know

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