HGHup question

  1. HGHup question

    Alright, so I recently ordered HGHup and I've been taking it 5 times a day since monday (1/18) and I read that it's supposed to last 6 weeks which means to only take it 5 times a week 5 times/day. And I don't workout on the weekends because of work so I was wondering if I should still take it on the two weekend days that I can't workout or should I just stick to the 5 times a week because I don't want to loss results somehow.

  2. Usually if you dont know, do what the label says haha...

  3. Yeah I think I'm not going to take it over the weekend because on the bottle it doesn't say how long to take it but it does say that there are 30 servings per container at 5/day which means that is taken 5 days a week to make it last for 6 weeks.

  4. who said it lasts 6 weeks?

  5. I thought that I read it somewhere but now that I look for where I read it I can't find it so maybe it's only for 4 week or so. Just thought the cycle was a 6 weeker.



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