IGF-1 & clen

  1. IGF-1 & clen

    Just got mine from MR. I am considering running 25 days without androgens for body composition improvement. I'm going to start at 20mcg/day IM & only increase if needed. I know guys are reporting significant fat loss on IGF-1 L3 with maintenance cals or even slightly above.

    I'm thinking of adding clen & possibly lipoderm for the abdomen. Will clen/yohimbine increase the fat loss effects of the IGF-1, or would I have to be in a defecit? I know the IGF alone will mobilize fat stores, but can I havent found any info on whether you can increase that. Any thoughts?

  2. Clen and IGF should not be mixed if i remember correctly - i will look for the reasoning and get back to you.

  3. I'd use ECA with the IGF-1 R3 for 3 weeks, then clen for two weeks (w/o the igf-1 r3) then back to the ECA and IGF-1 R3. For a nice 8 week cutter.

    (I know that's longer than you said you wanted to do but I wouldn't run the clen same time)

    Work as if you were not using anything at all and trying to achieve the results you're after. Let the IGF-1 R3 do it's magic and you will be happy.

    I'd like to hear what anyone else thinks about that cycle for cutting?

    Just my .02
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  4. Don't mix the two. I was using about 160mcg of Clen with 40mcg IGF and a few days ago I thought I was gonna go into a diabetic comma or something. Read my post "IGF and dizzyness" I stopped the clen 2days ago and have been fine since then and still using IGF.

  5. So why shouldn't the be used together?

  6. That is good to know. I am interested to find out why.

  7. Make sure you run ketotifen when your on clen You can run it for ages I'm up to 4 weeks straight on clen, what it does it keeps for beta 2 receptors open all the time, making it so you do not have to cycle on an off ever 2 weeks. take ketotifen 2x a week after your first 2 weeks on clen.

  8. IMO your better off just going with igf. Clens effects are only temporary and the rebound effect isn't worth it. If your dieting for a show then go for it, but just to lose fat I'd stick with igf personally. Not to mention clen is hell on your heart.


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